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Intro to Numerology & Synchronicity: Messages Through Numbers

June 28, 2021

Have you ever noticed that certain numbers follow you? Combinations you keep recognizing?

Those repetitive numbers are actually sending you divine messages. They want to let you know you aren’t alone. Although these numbers may seem like a coincidence there tends to be an undeniable meaning behind them.  

The number sequences can appear everywhere - on the clock, vehicle license plates, receipts, addresses, GPS, the radio, and so on.

You quickly begin to see the numbers everywhere and wonder why or what this means. During this occurrence, people tend to realize they aren’t alone. It is a special spiritual experience to feel and realize that everything is connected. 

When we slow down and pay attention to everything around us, that is when we are able to clearly see the messages. These messages usually come at a specific time in your life perhaps when you are making a big decision or need clarity or guidance. The key to understanding the meaning behind these messages is to trust your intuition. Remember that the significance of a number(s) may be unique to you. The messages may be coming from the source, the universe, God, whatever higher power you connect with. Spending time alone or in meditation can help decode these messages. 

A little history on numerology:

Numerology similar to astrology is an art form. The study of numerology dives deeper into the meaning of different numbers along with combinations and symbols. In numerology, angel numbers are a repetitive sequence of numbers.

They can be seen as:

  • Single
  • Double (44)
  • Triple (777)
  • Quadruple digits (1212)

Each number carried a specific vibrational meaning. It is said that when the numbers appear repeatedly it may be angels sending you messages. Within numerology there is a belief in a mystical relationship between numbers and synchronicities.

Synchronicity was a theory created by psychologist Carl Jung. It was created in a way to describe an occurrence of “coincidental” events that come together and appear meaningful.

Next time you catch a number pattern following you around, remember it's not a coincidence, the universe is trying to tell you something. Listen.