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A warm welcome to the heart of Living Beam.

We are true believers that you are exactly where you should be, at the universal time it was intended.  We are glad you found us.  

Inspired by the yearning for deep connections and the growth of conscious communities worldwide, we create intentional collections that can be used as tools to help raise your frequency and expand your capabilities. 

Life is all about connection: with ourselves, with community, with the earth, and with the divine (whatever that may mean to you).  Here at Living Beam, we strive to empower your senses.  By creating an intentional space for daily practice, education, and meditation, you can develop a life and habit of being and spreading good energy.   

Activate what already resides within you.  We are connected.  Let’s align.  

Our Products

Did you know your candle has an aura? 

After production, our candles go through a cleansing ritual to activate their healing properties and strengthen their energy fields prior to shipment, ensuring it arrives at your doorstep guarded yet ready to unlock its magical properties.
Each candle spends at least one night surrounded by black tourmaline. We have chosen this crystal of positive transformation because of its ability to ground and cleanse while creating a protective shield around the candle’s auric field. During packaging, it is then sprayed with ceremonial rosewater.
Roses are known to have the highest vibrational frequency of all flowers, and their scent calls on the work of angels.  By spraying our candles with rosewater, we are cleansing and clearing out negative energies, while boosting positivity and connecting with the energies of the heart.  It is our way of making sure you feel the love and intention behind each order.

The Creator

My name is Stephanie Ramirez and I am the creative behind the brand.  The seeds of Living Beam were planted in remembrance of my mother. 

I was moved by my grief.  The news of my mother’s sudden transition led me to shift my perspective of life as I knew it.  We are so much more than the physical circumstances of our current existence, and I felt the rush of this every time I lit a candle. 

People around the world light candles for different reasons; to honor, to pray, to celebrate, and for overall spiritual practice. My idea is to create collections that are linked to inner exploration in hopes that you experience a sense of connection with your higher self. 


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